The Z! Prep ACT Materials Will Help Your Child Get Into the Right College

January 22, 2014
ACT Curriculum

Is your child taking the ACT this spring? [Click here to see the remaining ACT test dates for the 2013-14 school year.] If so, you should consider an ACT prep program from the test prep experts at Z! Prep. What makes the Z! Prep program so good?

  • First, we attack the test on 3 fronts –
  1. Improve the necessary academic skills to excel on the ACT
  2. Identify the most effective test taking tips and strategies for YOUR child
  3. Increase SPEED in taking the ACT
  • Second, we us only highly qualified instructors who are hand-picked for your child based on a variety of factors such as academic strengths, teaching style, background and personality. This ensures a good match and better attention and retention during test prep sessions.
  • Third, our program implements customized lesson plans with tailored homework assignments to improve and master newly acquired skills,
  • Finally, we offer detailed analysis tracking each student’s performance. Through assigned practice tests and a full length mock ACT exam, we are able to pinpoint exactly what areas the student needs additional help with, and how best to target them for maximum performance on test day.

Through Z! Prep’s proprietary ACT curriculum and its proven test prep program, students see an average gain of 3-5 points on their composite score after completing our Ivy program! So what do you have to lose? Help your child get into his/her school of choice by checking out the Z! Prep ACT program today. Call 866-44-TUTOR to locate the Z! Prep ACT tutor nearest you.

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