ACT-front_COVERClub Z! Tutors will work through our proven study program, “The Essential Guide for the ACT”, to help you prepare for all test areas. Like the SAT®, the ACT® (American College Testing) predicts a student’s success in college and is used as an admissions tool.

Club Z!’s study programs help students review for the four content sections:

  • English
  • Math
  • Reading
  • Science Reasoning

One-on-one tutoring will help students perform at peak level, and reach their academic goals.


Taking the ACT: Test Information and What to Expect
ACT® overview Upcoming test dates
ACT® structure Registration information
Should I take the SAT® or ACT®? What to bring on test day


Your ACT Scores
How your test is scored Upcoming test dates
Your score report Canceling your scores
Sending your scores Should you re-take your ACT®?


ACT with Club Z!
Club Z!´s ACT® preparation program Test-taking tips
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