Tanya T., – Stouffville: “I love Maria. I can’t express that enough. She is wonderful at teaching me. She has great analogies when I can’t quite understand something and for some reason, I just get what she’s saying. Thank you so much for sending her here. I’m really grateful.”

Isabel M., – Markham: “Just to let you know that we are very pleased with the work that Martin has been doing with our son Julian. We would like to have Martin as a tutor again in the fall.”

Catarina M., – Richmond Hill: “Emily really likes Maria. I appreciate Maria’s offer for Emily to email her any questions during the week – that show real commitment and caring as a tutor. I would also like to add… that Maria was always on time – and even frequently went overtime to finish a lesson. I liked the way she taught also – she was engaging and you could hear the excitement in her voice when she was explaining concepts. She is an A+ tutor.”

Heidi S. – Markham: “Miranda is great. With her help Emma’s grade in Math went up from failing mark and she now has a 70%!”

Linda, SE Calgary: My daughter required tutoring in Math 6 after the teacher said that he could not give her a grade on her report card, due to her low achievement in Math. After contacting Club Z! in January, she was tutored two times a week and by June she actually caught up three grade levels in Math. She passed all of her tests, and achieved a good grade. This grade 7 year we are continuing with the same tutor. She started in August with six preparation and review sessions, and by September our daughter had begun to get grades in the 80’s on her first tests and quizzes. Her confidence and willingness to do her assignments has improved 100% thanks to Club Z! Tutoring Calgary.”

Savi B. Mississauga: “I just want you to know that Alex is a great teacher. Sean loves working with him. He is quite the gentleman very polite and easy to work with. Sean too thinks Alex is a great teacher. He enjoyed working with Alex because I think he understood the concepts much better when Alex explained them to him. Also, Alex often took the time and effort to work around Sean’s schedule, in order to accommodate the lessons.”

Rob, SE Calgary: “Tutoring has become a welcome addition to our weekly routine. There is no longer a fight to get our daughter to do her math homework and study for tests. I can’t say that she will ever love math but now it is no longer scary and frustrating for her. Her confidance is up and she enjoys her sessions with Phil.”

Amira B, Mississauga: “my children really improved by club z tutoring ,thanks a lot to excellent tutors . Great Results, Good Value, Creative.”