Study Skills

Often the difference between the best and worst students in the class all boils down to study skills – but many students simply don’t have the tools to develop these skills on their own. Club Z! helps students learn and build effective study and organizational skill sets that will serve them well throughout their academic (and even professional!) lives.

Club Z! Tutoring realizes how important these skills are to a student’s present and future succes which is why we developed our own proven study skills program called Learning Built to Last®. Club Z! tutors will help your child learn study skills and have some fun in the process. This program will teach students how to listen, read, and study better…but that is just the beginning. Learning Built to Last will help each student understand study skills in terms of their own interests and experiences.

With hands-on exercises, ranging from beginner to advanced levels, students will work 1:1 with our tutors to master the following and more:

  • Set short and long term goals to get what they want from school and life.
  • Identify weaknesses in their study habits.
  • Create a pleasant, more organized study environment both at home and at school.
  • Banish all-nighters with the ultimate time management system.
  • Discover their favorite ways to learn with a Learning Style Diagnostic Test.
  • Apply test-taking and memorization strategies to real practice tests.
  • Practice listening, note-taking, reading, and participation strategies.
  • Challenge their reading comprehension with a bonus chapter on Higher Order Thought.
  • Easily memorize terms, dates, diagrams, formulas, pictures, and charts.
  • Tackle timed essays, research papers, and standardized tests with confidence.