5 Great Educational Gifts for the Holidays

November 27, 2013


The turkey is prepared. The Thanksgiving meal has been planned for weeks. The table may even be set! But come Friday, it’s time for some serious shopping for many of us. So here is a Club Z! inside-scoop on 5 great educational toys that even the most serious toy lovers will appreciate. Enjoy! And from all of us at Club Z! to all of you, have a VERY happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Squigz Suction Construction (retail price: $24.95 USD) – Squigz are super fun, colorful, bendable toys that can be stuck together through suction cups at each end. The possibility for creation is unlimited for your children! Ideal for ages 3-8, Squigz provide hands on learning and hours of enjoyment.
  2. Think Fun Laser Maze (retail price: $26.95 USD) – This is single-player logic game that’s sure to get your kids scratching their heads and pushing themselves to find solutions to the problem – plus it features a REAL laser! The game consists of a series of mazes (60 challenges, from beginner to expert) where players use mirrored game pieces to reflect and split a laser beam as they try to solve the puzzle. This is great for children ages 8 and above.
  3. Begin Again Animal Parade puzzle (retail price: $33 USD) – This is a fun, solidly made wood puzzle full of fun animals, A-Z. Each puzzle piece has that animal’s corresponding letter printed on the piece so children can begin learning letters and letter sounds. This is a fun puzzle and perfect for children ages 3+.
  4. Fisher Price Create and Learn iPad case (retail price: $39.99) – This is a perfect gift for those of you with small children who LOVE to play on your iPad! No more worrying about sticky fingers on your screen, or well-meaning but clumsy hands dropping your iPad. The Create and Learn case protects the iPad with Otterbox non-destructible technology, while the Fisher Price app provides loads of fun with learning games for your little one. Ideal for ages 3+.
  5. Sky Rocket Toys Quick Attach Microscope (retail price: $14.99) – This is a fun attachment for any smart phone (Apple or Android) that allows your budding scientists to convert the phone’s camera to a cool microscope, perfect for exploring the world around you! This toy is ideal for children ages 6+.


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