15 Must-Do Activities for You and Your Children in 2014

January 15, 2014


On many parents’ New Years resolution list are the words “spend more time with my family.” So why not check out this list of 15 must-do activities with your child to get those creative juices flowing this spring!

  1. Read a book. Or two. Or five. Kids of ALL ages benefit greatly from reading aloud!
  2. Need to spruce up your book collection? Dust off your library cards and hit the library together as a family. Make it more fun by picking out books for each other and have fun seeing what your family thought you might enjoy reading.
  3. Start a family game night. We’re not necessarily talking about the Wii (although it is pretty fun in moderation to play age appropriate video games with your kids.) We’re talking old-school favorites like Uno, Monopoly (Jr if necessary), Life, Connect 4 and other classics like these that bring your family together. Let everyone in the family take turns picking the game of the night and come up with fun rewards (think: bragging rights for a week or picking out dinner the following night) for the overall night’s winner.
  4. Use your hands. Get crafty. Build something together. It could be something you need like a flower box or planting a garden. Or it could just be a fun craft like a model (yes, they still make those!) or build-your-own Valentine cards. Help your kids flex those motor skills by using their brains and their hands to make something cool.
  5. Have a pillow fight. Enough said.
  6. Tackle spring cleaning. No really, this CAN be fun! If you’re scared to see what lays behind door #2, just pick small tasks to start like scanning your kids’ closets for clothes that they don’t wear or no longer fit. Baby steps.
  7. Visit a museum. Think your kids will yawn just at the thought of it? Try finding a children’s museum, or a hands-on science museum. There are so many cool things to explore out there, even for the biggest of naysayers (read: your 13 year old son).
  8. See a movie. Let your kids take turns picking (appropriate movies of course).
  9. Can’t get to the theater? Make movie night at home. Try recycling an oldie-but-a-goodie your kids have never seen like the Back to the Future series – trust me on this one!
  10. Go for a walk. Or a run. Or a hike. You get the point. The important part is that you get moving…as a family!
  11. Finish your Christmas thank-you cards. No, seriously. This might not be that fun to do, but it goes a long way in teaching our children to be grateful and to demonstrate their appreciation for the actions of others.
  12. Have a family stay-cation. Let your kids have a turn planning the day’s activities. They’ll enjoy having a voice in the planning process, and this way you know they’ll enjoy the activities selected.
  13. Plan family dinner. This means everyone in the family plays a role. Someone can inventory the available ingredients in your fridge, freezer and pantry. Someone can research a recipe online. Someone can cook. Someone can set the table. Someone can clean. Everyone has a part and you can even sneak in some education (research, writing ingredients down, measuring, etc.) Don’t worry – we won’t tell if you won’t!  Need some ideas? Check out these recipes we posted in September of last year.
  14. Set some goals. It gives everyone a sense of pride to look back at the year and realize how much you accomplished. If you missed it, we posted some suggestions for setting SMART goals in a recent Club Z! blog – check it out!
  15. Laugh. It has been proven time and time again that laughter is good for the mind, body and soul. So let loose. Get dirty. Ignore the rules every once and a while. And enjoy your time together as a family – our kids grow up WAY too fast!

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